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National Training Center Complex

Beijing Sport University National Training Center Complex, which is the largest single training center complex in Asia with 29,900 square meters in area, 291 meters in length, 72 meters in width and 22.6 meters in height, is divided into a three layouts: the western section is the Track and Field Hall, the eastern section is the Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline Hall, the section in the centre has a fitness training room and treatment of the restoration area on the first floor. On the second floor there are areas for teaching and research, dance training, and digit-controlled fitness training. The third floor has the Taekwondo Hall and SPA rooms. The National Sports Training Base Assisted Training Hall is located to the east side of the athletes’ apartments, with  an area of 3061 square meters. It is a multi-purpose training hall, which can improve the well-being of athletes, reduce physical and mental pressure and fatigue of athletes from high-intensity training, and provide entertainment service as well.
The Track and Field Hall——With  a total area of 9936 square meters, the Track and Field Hall has six 200-meter annular tracks and nine 150-meter straight tracks, including one soft track, which are the longest indoor straight tracks in China. There are also training areas for leaping, throwing and rock climbing. The Hall can be used not only as the training center for the National Track and Field Team, but also as the hall for international indoor track and field competitions. It is the only indoor track and field training hall that has received the certification from IAAF in China and ranks in the international leading level.
The Trampoline Hall——The Trampoline Hall covers an area of 2268 square meters with 72 in length and 31.5 in width. It  includes 18 trampoline training areas.
The Rhythmic Gymnastics Hall——The Rhythmic Gymnastics Hall covers an area of 2916 square meters with 72 in length and 40.5 in width. It  includes 8 rhythmic gymnastics training areas.

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