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Introduction of the National Training Base of Beijing Sport University

The National Training Base of Beijing Sport University is located in the northeastern part of the Beijing Sport University campus, situated in Zhongguancun High-tech Park, adjacent to the Yuanmingyuan Park. The National Training Base has a favourable geographical position and convenient transportation as the Shangdi station of light rail Line 13 is close to the north gate of BSU. The campus is covered by luxuriant trees and has beautiful scenery with a clean and tidy environment.
The National Training Base of Beijing Sport University covers an area of 320 mus. Its total construction area is more than 75,000 square meters. It’s a modernized national training base with well organized layout and complete functions, consisting of Training Center Complex Assisted Training Hall, Athletes Apartments, Scientific Research Building, Teaching Building and other facilities.
The training gymnasiums of the National Training Base, which is 32,961 square meters in area, include the Track and Field Hall, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Hall, the Trampoline Hall, the Taekwondo Hall, the Fitness Training Hall, the Therapy Rehabilitation Centers, meeting rooms and Assisted Training Hall, etc. The athletes’ apartment with 25,500 square meters in area consists of Block A and Block B, the rooms can hold 710 people. With a capacity of holding 500 people, the four restaurants are located on the first floor of Block A. The apartment complex also has a VIP room, meeting rooms, athletes’ shops, laundries, multi-function hall and an underground car park.
Since the end of March, 2008, under the excellent leadership of the State Sports General Administration and Beijing Sport University, relying on the solid strength of scientific research and rehabilitation therapy conditions, the National Training Base has provided all-round service for the teams. NTB has received more than 400 people from the national team preparing for the Beijing Olympic Games, such as the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team, the National Trampoline Team, the National Track and Field Teams, among which great achievements of 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, 1 bronze medal and 2 fourth places were made. At the same time, our training base also understood the service assurance tasks of the National Aerobatic Exercise Team, the Tennis Team, the Body-building Team, the Freestyle Skiing Aerials Team, the Speed Skating Team, the Women’s Ice Hockey Team, the Snowboarding Team, the Alpine Skiing Team and the Curling Team.
In addition, our training base can take on all kinds of large and medium-sized meetings. We completed with high quality and high standard the reception work of the large-scale meetings such as the Concluding Meeting of the Security Work by Universities in Beijing During the Olympics, the 2009 National Meeting of Sport Bureaus’ General Directors and the Concluding and Honoring Meeting of the Scientific Research and Scientific Service for the 29th Olympic Games, all of which have been highly praised by the leading cadres of the State Administration of Sports.
The National Training Base is managed together by both the National Team Training Agency of Beijing Sport University and the National Training Base Office, with the subordinate organizations of the Comprehensive Department, the Finance Office, the Security Department, the Management Center of the Training Hall and the Management Center of the Apartment Complex.

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