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BSU Takes the Glory Home----We are the Champion of 2013-2014 China College FUTSAL League!

Hosted by Federation of University Sports of China (FUSC) and Chinese Football Association, the 2013-2014 X-Step China College FUTSAL League Final (the second match), was held in Beijing Sport University on June 27. This is a decisive match for both teams. After the BSU’s big victory night (6-4) away in Hubei University (HU) one week ago, they couldn’t afford to t relax their effort at preparation however, as the seven consecutive winner of FUTSAL League, HU Team also showed conviction to crown another season. BSU teachers and students, even Vice president Chi Jian, Liu Daqing and Hu Yang were seen at the stands cheering for the home game for BSU.

With a duration of 40 minutes (20 minutes each half) , BSU team started the first half with a defensive formation, and it wasn’t a pay-off as is supposed to be however, when encountered with HU with a “50” tactics, a full attack formation. Hubei University took a head start with 2 goals and at the 17th minute, No.15 player Duan Lian raced out of defense with the ball in the counter-attack and scored a goal for BSU. Unfortunately, another goal was scored by HU after an errant pass of BSU back fielder which ended the first half in 1-3.

On the second half, HU made multiple fouls including No.4 player Peng Boyao’s blatant handball; No.8 player Li Zhiheng’s flagrant foul towards goalkeeper; another player was given a yellow card warning after he tripped BSU captain at the 9th minute. However, BSU missed two spot kicks after seven fouls of Hubei University team. At the 18th minute, when Hubei University’s eighth foul, Chen Xiaowei of BSU team finally scored a penalty goal and almost finished the game with one goal ahead. In the last minute, Hubei University tried to attack fiercely to win back the game with two more goals; however, there is no time left when the referee blew the final whistle and settle the final score at 2-4. BSU equalizes HU with a total score of 8-8 plus the advantage of away goals and proudly won the Champion of 2013-2014 China College FUTSAL League.

When our team players spoke to reporter after the game, they expressed admiration and gratitude to BSU teachers and schoolmates who cheered enthusiastically for them during the difficult times; and appreciation to their coach Mr. Ren Dingmeng, who shared a close relationship with them and has always been there for them; thanks to his instruction and choice of formation to match against other teams that BSU team finally took the glory home.


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