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Wushu School

Introduction to the Wushu School

Founded in 1958, the Wushu School has a history of more than 50 years. Rooted in Martial Arts, the Wushu School has two bachelor programs: Martial Arts and Traditional Chinese Sport.
The school includes the Wushu Routine teaching & research section, the Wushu Sanshou teaching & research section, the Health Qigong teaching & research section, and the traditional Chinese sport teaching & research section . There are also various courses provided for students: Wushu Routine, Wushu Sanshou, Dragon and Lion Dance, Taiji Softball, Health Qigong Exercises, Slingshot ,etc.
38 teachers are responsible for the teaching. There are 11 professors, 10 associate professors, 2 doctoral supervisors and 9 international referees. The School has achieved fruitful results in many fields such as teaching, training and research in Wushu since the school was established 53 years ago. 51 international and Asian champions and 365 national champions have been cultivated from the Wushu School so far.
Mr. Associate Prof. Zhang Qiangqiang
Vice Chairman of the School Council
Mr. Associate Prof. XU Shenghong
Deputy Dean
Chairman of the School Council
Mr. Dr. Prof. Li Shiying
Deputy Dean
Mr. Dr. Prof. Ma Xuezhi
Deputy Dean

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