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Sport Science School

Introduction to Sport Science School

The Sport Science School was established in 1958. There are six main discipline directions including Sport Anatomy, Exercise Philosophy, Sport Biochemistry, Sport Biomechanics, Sport Psychology and Sport Statistics and Measurement.
It has set up two majors for the undergraduates, namely, Applied Psychology and Sport Science. It must be pointed out that our college is the cradle of sport scientists in China. It is the first university that is authorized by the National Ministry of Education to offer a master’s degree and doctoral degree in sport science in China.
The Sport Science School has 51 teachers, 25 professors and 22 doctoral tutors. Among whom 43 teachers have earned their doctoral degree. Their academic research interests have covered almost all areas of Sport Science including Physical Fitness and Health Promotion, Sports Biomechanics, Sport Molecular Biology and Gene Selection, Movement and Skeletal Muscle Fatigue, Sport Injuries and Rehabilitation, application of Sport Training and Sport for all theories, athletes Psychological Training and Rehabilitation, Sport Technique Analysis, Kinesis Control and Evaluation, etc.
Mr. Prof. Dr. Wang Ruiyuan
Vice Chairman of the School Council
Ms. Li He
Deputy Dean
Chairman of the School Council
Mr. Prof. Dr. Mao Zhixiong

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