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Sport Journalism Department

Introduction to Sport Journalism Department

The Sport Journalism Department was established in 2005 after a pilot program in 2000 when we started offering a bachelor’s degree in the (Sport) Journalism program. We set up an experimental class in 2006 and started to enroll (Sport) Public Relations students from juniors in our university.
In order to promote the teaching quality and efficiency, we have installed advanced teaching facilities including a multi-functional nonlinear editing lab, virtual studio, graphics editing lab, media asset management room, etc. The teaching staff consists of over 10 full-time teachers and a group of invited famous experts and scholars of the field. Among them, there are 3 doctorate tutors and 10 master’s tutors who have made great contribution to the development of sports news communication theories, Olympics communications and other fields of sports media.
So far, we have cultivated nearly 600 qualified undergraduates, 84 outstanding graduates and 6 doctors who have made great academic achievements during their education. Most of the students are working in sport organizations of all levels after their graduation including the National Sports News Media. We also have journalism practice bases in CCTV-5(sport channel), CNR (China National Radio), China Sport Daily, etc. which provide students with great internships where they  can apply what they have learned into practice.
The major of Journalism recruits students from both art and science backgrounds, and a good foundation in Chinese and English is required.
Mr. Prof. Zhang Yutian
Vice Chairman of the Department Council
Ms. Prof. Cai Wenju
Deputy Dean
Chairman of the Department Council
Ms. Prof. Bi Xumei
Deputy Dean

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