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Sport Coaching School

Introduction to Sport Coaching School

The Sport Coaching School was established in 1957 with four teaching and research sections affiliated to it, namely, Track and Field, Swimming, Combative Sport and Sport Training Science. We have also set up a major of Sports Training which is a national specialty major training talented individuals in the field.
It has 80 teaching and administrative staff among whom 18 are professors, 24 assistant professors and 6 national coaches, 13 senior coaches and 7 intermediate coaches. Besides, there are 20 PhDs, 48 national and international level referees and 17 teachers who have a part-time job in sports organizations of all levels.
It is in charge of over 2,000 undergraduates who are devoted to studying various sport subjects. So far, our college has developed over 20,000 graduates who have played significant roles in the society after their graduation.
What’s worth noting is that, Since 1980, the department has trained 90 athletes of international level, 300 athletes of national level, and 40 world champions, 100 Asian champions and 400 national champions. For example, Chen Zhong, won two World Championships in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and 2004 Athens Olympic Games . In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Luo Wei, Zhang Guozheng, and Wang Xu won three championships in Taekwondo, Weight Lifting and Wrestling respectively. In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Zhang Xiangxiang won a championship in the Weight Lifting event. We think of it as a great teaching resource that champions share their experiences with students who are fighting to become successful like them.
Ms. Prof. Zhang Xia
Vice Chairman of the School Council
Mr. Associate Prof. Zhang Jun
Deputy Dean
Chairman of the School Council
Ms. Prof. Zuo Qiong
Deputy Dean
Mr. Dr. Liang Dong
Deputy Dean

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