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Sport and Arts Department

Introduction to the Sport and Arts Department

The Sport and Arts Department, founded in February, 2005, has 46 teachers working in divisions of Aerobics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dance Sport providing programs in aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, dance sport and dancing that have cultivated over 700 students.
For years, teachers and students have won great achievements in competitions both domestically and abroad, such as the Olympic Games (silver medal in Rhythmic Gymnastics, group competition in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games by Sui Jianshuang), the Asian Games (the 999th and 1000th gold medal for China by Shen Hong and Liang Yujie), Asian Championship, and World Cup Games, to name just a few.
Ms. Dr. Prof. Ma Hongtao
Mr. Ma Quanjun
Deputy Dean
Chairman of Department Council
Mr. Dr. Associate Prof. Xu Shousheng
Deputy Dean

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