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Physical Education School

Introduction to the Physical Education School

The Physical Education School, renamed in 2002, is the oldest department of BSU.  It was originally named the Physical Education Department in 1953, and can be traced back further to the Sport Department of Beijing Higher Normal School in 1917.
There are at present 98 staff members which include 23 professors, 33 associate professors, 12 doctorial supervisors and 27 graduate supervisors who are now working in 8 teaching and research sections (basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, tennis, badminton, artistic gymnastics and sport pedagogy) and 3 research centers for Physical Education Theory, Sport for All and Adapted Physical Activity.
It offers a Bachelor program for Physical Education which maintains the number one Academic Ranking in all 231 colleges and universities for sport in 2012. The Physical Education School has cultivated over 20,000 alumni who are now in charge of teaching, training and scientific research in major universities and sport institutions all over China.
Mr. Prof. Dr. Wang Huazhuo
Vice Chairman of the School Council
Mr. Associate Prof. Nie Wei
Chairman of the School Council
Deputy Dean
Ms. Associate Prof. Shang Yingqiu
Deputy Dean
Vice Chairman of the School Council
Mr. Dr. Associate Prof. Wu Wenqiang
Deputy Dean

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