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Management School

Introduction to Management School

Beijing Sport University's School of Management was founded in 1987 officially, which was originally named the Management Department running its Pilot Programs starting in 1985.
There are currently two Bachelor Programs: Public Administration (Sport Management), Sport Economics and Management. The School of Management is also responsible for the golf class which is cooperated with century-united company.
The School of Management has 24 full-time teachers, among whom 9 are professors; 19 are Ph. D and Ph. D candidates; 6 are doctoral supervisors; 12 have overseas learning experiences. They teach in the areas of Teaching & Research Office of Management, Sports Economy and Industry, Olympic Movement (Sport Sociology and Humanities), Research Center of Sport Industry Development, and Research Center of the Olympic Movement. It is in charge of more than 1000 students and has already cultivated more than 2,000 students. These students are actively involved in and engaging in Chinese Sports.
Ms. Jin Chunhua
Chairman of the School Council
Deputy Dean
Ms. Dr. Prof. Wang Li
Vice-chairman of the School Council
Deputy Dean
Mr. Dr. Prof. Lin Xianpeng
Deputy Dean

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