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Graduate School

Introduction to Graduate School

The BSU Graduate Program started in 1953 making Beijing Sport University the first sport university in China to grant master’s degree and doctor’s degree to students from home and abroad in Sport Science. 
Since then the Graduate School has cultivated more than 10,000 graduates and postgraduates, including 50 foreign doctors and 94 doctors and 116 postgraduates from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Special Administrative Regions.

For postgraduate students, there are two types of focus, Academics and Professions. The students who focus on Academics may study in the fields of Sociology of Sport Humanity, Human Movement Science, Sports Education & Training, National Traditional Sports, Applied Psychology, Business Administration, Rehabilitation Medicine & Physical Therapy, and Ideology & Political Education. Those who focus on Professions may study in the fields of Physical Education, Sports Training, Competition Organization and Community Sports.

As for doctoral candidates, we offer four majors including Physical Education and Training, National Traditional Sport, Sport Sociology and Humanity, and Sport Science.
BSU Graduate School now has more than 260 mentors for master students and over 60 for PhD students. We have also recruited more than 50 Olympic Champions. Currently, there are 2200 students studying in the school.

Mr. Prof. Dr. Ma Bing
Telephone: +86 10 62989978

Ms. Li Mingqin
Chairman of the School Council
Telephone: +86 10 62989101

Ms. Li Jing
Deputy Dean
Telephone: +86 10 62989361

Mr. Associate Prof. Dr. Hu Bing
Deputy Dean
Telephone: +86 10 62962029

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