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Foreign Languages Department

Introduction to Foreign Languages Department

The Foreign Languages Department was established in 2004 and offers a Bachelor’s Program of English in the direction of International Sport. Its main task is to cultivate professional personnel who have both capabilities of international communication and a rich knowledge of sport.
There are two Teaching and Research offices including English Major and College English with 44 teaching and administrative staff. Among whom one is professor, 8 are assistant professors and 4 foreign teachers who work in a long-term stability. Besides, 4 foreign experts from America and Canada are hosted by the department annually to lecture on sports-related subjects.
At present, the Department of Foreign Languages has cultivated more than 400 graduates and some of them have been recruited to renowned enterprises or institutions such as the General Administration of Sports of China, China Customs, and the Xinhua News Agency, Reuters and so on. Besides, more than 100 students have been admitted to a number of prestigious domestic universities for postgraduate study. Over 50 students chose to go abroad for further education while deepening their understanding towards the cultural differences and strengthen their competitive forces.
Ms. Prof. Tian Hui
Vice Chairman of the Department Council
Mr. Associate Prof. Zhao Jinghui
Deputy Dean
Chairman of the Department Council
Ms. Dai Xu
Deputy Dean

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