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Teaching Laboratory Center

Introduction to Teaching Laboratory Center

The BSU Teaching Laboratory Center is a Secondary Teaching Unit of Beijing Sport University. The Centeris responsible for all teaching programs and takes charge of the University’s laboratory setup and management for sport science teaching. The Center also provides technical support for various science research projects, such as, Performance Improvement of Olympic Athletes; National Fitness Program Development. The Center has been recognized as “National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center” by the Chinese Ministry of Education, and has also been recognized the “Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Higher Educational Institution” by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.
The Teaching Laboratory Center has 6 Foundation Labs, which carry out basic researches in Sport Applications, including: Sport Physiology; Sport Biochemistry; Sport Biomechanics; Sport Anatomy; Sport Psychology and Sport Medicine.  It also has 4 labs, which provide research services for the Olympic Teams on Sport Techniques and Tactics Analysis, Performance Analysis and Functional Evaluation, Physical Training and Exercise stress Adaptation and After Training Recovery.
For Public Fitness and Health, the Center has laboratories, which focus on researches, including Exercise and Physical Fitness for Health; Foot Health and Foot Orthotics; Adolescent Growth and Development Evaluation and Exercise Risk Screening.  The Exercise and Physical Fitness for Health Lab has been recognized as the “Key Laboratory” by the Ministry of Education. In order to develop interdisciplinary education and make better communication and collaboration, theCenter has built 10 special laboratories for specific areas, Electrophysiology, Sport Endocrinology, Skeletal Muscle and Movement, Sport Injury Prevention Center.The Centre is open to the public to provide Fitness and Physical Health Evaluation services.
The Teaching Laboratory Center has 1 facility Administrator, 4 Laboratory Administrators and 11 research lecturers, among which 31% of the Center’s staff have senior professional post, 19% of them have PhD and 68% with Master's degrees.
During the 12th Five-Year period, the Center will continue to play a leading role in Sport Studies, Physical Education, Service to the Public, Support for the Olympic Teams and Optimize Resources to becoming a teaching, researching and producing base. As a “National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center”, BSU hopes that the Center will be used for greateracademic exchanges with both domestic and international partners, to increase the contribution for the regional sport development.

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