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Modern Educational Technology Center


      Merging network center and computer teaching department, the modern educational technology center (METC) was established in 2005, aiming to promote the use of educational technology in sport education. Now, the METC is accountable for educational technology teaching for student, educational technology training for stuff, information system management and data management, etc. Besides, the center is also responsible for educational research in sport education field.
    Nowadays, METC has seven computer labs, and was honoured as the demonstration center of experimental teaching by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education. Moreover, the center also works as the secretariat of Sport Education Technology Commission of Universities (SETCU), the commission governed by China Association for Educational Technology (CAET). And the head of CAET, prof. LIU MEIJIN works as the Secretary-General of SETCU at the same time. For research field, METC has finished several research topics hold by the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), and has awarded the 3rd class award of technology progress by China Sport Science Society of GASC.

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