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Delegation of Juntendo University from Japan Visits BSU [2017-01-11]
Delegation of Embassy of Ireland in China Visits BSU [2016-11-07]
Sport Science Delegation from North Korea Visits BSU [2016-11-07]
Department of Gymnastics of Nippon Sport Science University Visits BSU [2016-11-07]
Canadian Ambassador to China Visits BSU [2016-11-07]
Asian and African Youth Delegation Visits BSU [2016-11-07]
Vice-president of University of Lisbon Meets with Delegation of BSU in Beijing [2016-11-07]
Delegation from Korea National Sport University Visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Delegation from University of Central Lancashire Visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Delegation of University of Campinas from Brazil visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Delegation of Canadian Hockey Association Visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Delegation of Hong Kong Kangyi Tennis Association Visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Indian Youth Delegation Visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Football Team of University of East London Attends Football Seminar of BSU [2016-10-30]
Football Team of University of East London Visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Delegation from London South Bank University Visits BSU [2016-10-30]
Experts from Springfield College Come to BSU for Lectures [2016-10-25]
Delegation from Lithuania Sports University Visits BSU [2016-10-25]
Delegation from Quest University of Canada Visits BSU [2016-10-25]
Delegation of Presidents from Different Universities of Netherlands Visits BSU [2016-10-25]
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