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Art Troupe in Sochi --“China House”

At the invitation of the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC), a delegation of 7 teachers and students from the BSU Wushu School participated in the Sino-Russia Youth Friendship Exchange Year in Sochi—“China House”, Russia on Feb. 9th.
The China House was first set up in the Vancouver Winter Games in 2010. It is a facility providing all kinds of services for the Chinese Olympic delegation including social exchanges with other athletes, press conferences, and cultural communication, and for the second time, the China House in Sochi was enriched by the presence of the BSU art troupe. Chinese traditional martial arts performances such as Swordsmanship, Monkey Cudgel, and Tai Chi were praised by the Russian youth who then also performed the basic Wushu routine with equivalent excellence. The director of GASC and the vice director of Russian Sport Bureau have both spoken highly of the activity, and expressed their fondness and gratitude to Chinese and Russian youth in an interview after the show.
The activity was a great success which not only laid a foundation for friendship between Chinese and Russian youth but also enhanced the cultural exchange among China and other countries.

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