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Visiting Guest
Delegation from National University of Malaysia Visits BSU [2015-06-08]
Delegation from Croatia Visits BSU [2015-06-02]
Loughborough University in London Establishes Interschool Relationship with BSU ... [2015-05-27]
Delegation from American University of South Carolina Visits BSU [2015-05-22]
Delegation of Physical Education from South Korea Visits BSU [2015-05-19]
Delegation from Korean Chosun University Visits BSU [2015-05-18]
Delegation from American Indiana University Visits BSU [2015-05-15]
Delegation from General Association of Chinese Students of Macao Visits BSU [2015-05-12]
Delegation from Macao Sports Development Board Visits BSU [2015-05-12]
Delegation from University of Brawijaya of Indonesia Visits BSU [2015-05-06]
Delegation from Danang University of Physical Education and Sports Visits BSU [2015-04-30]
Delegation from Finnish Kisakallio Sports Institute Visits BSU [2015-04-27]
Director of Sport Science Institute from Santo Tomas University of Chile Visits ... [2015-04-27]
Delegation from French Embassy Visits BSU [2015-04-17]
Delegation from University of Worcester of the UK Visits BSU [2015-04-17]
Senior Program Officer of Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee Mr. Dag Jac... [2015-04-17]
Activities of “Bocce Enlightenment Day” of 20th Francophonie Festival in China H... [2015-04-14]
Commencement for Coaches Training Courses of Macau Holds in BSU [2015-04-07]
Delegate of Southern Utah University from America Visits BSU [2015-04-03]
The Director of International Programs College of California State University Vi... [2015-04-02]
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