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President Yang Hua paid visits to 4 universities respectively in Chile, Brazil and USA

From Nov. 25 to Dec 4, 2012, BSU Delegation led by Prof. Yang Hua, President of BSU, visited BSU’s 4 sister schools in Chile, Brazil and USA.
In order to further develop the cooperation and enhance the relationship of 30 years between Springfield and BSU, Prof. Yang Hua, President of BSU led a delegation to visited 4 universities in America. The delegation was composed of 5 persons, who are Ms. Xu Xing, Director of the school party committee organization department, Ms. Li Mingqin, Vice Dean of Graduate School, Mr. Gao Feng, Director of Teaching affairs Office, and Ms Dong Mei, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office.
BSU Delegation visited Santo Tomas University, had meetings with Faculty of Sport and was invited to explore the Confucius Institute attached to this university. In Brazil, President Yang signed the Cooperation Agreement with 2 new top universities who are Unicamp and UNESP. In the capital city f Brazil, delegation was greeted by the Ambassador at his residence. The last visiting station was Springfield of USA. At the Forum on sport between Springfield and Beijing Sport University, 3 members of the delegation gave speeches, which were warmly welcomed by the professors and students. Two presidents shared the outstanding knowledge not only on Sport Science but also the thinking of further development in the future.

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