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BSU Teachers Start Their Aerobics Training Courses in Macao

From April 11 to 15, BSU teachers Zhang Ping, Li Yan and Sui Jiangshuang who participated in the compiling work and creation of Aerobics series for Macao citizens were invited to launch training courses in Macao. More than 110 students from four training classes took part init.
Since the researching and compiling work officially started in March last year under the lead of Mr. Yang Hua, the University Party Secretary and President of Beijing Sport University, it took half a year for the group to complete the task which therefore can be put into practice.
The Institute of Sport of Macao Special Administrative Region made concerted efforts with three largest local non-governmental organizations, namely, the Women’s Federation, Confederation of Labor, and Community Assembly, to promote the development of Sport for All in the region, and they also will participate in the training course and evaluation.


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