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BSU Art Troupe Put on Performances on “Janandriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival” in Saudi

The 2013
“Janandriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival” was held in the capital city of Saudi, Riyadh on April 3. Led by Zhang Qiangqiang, Dean of Wushu School and its teacher Duan Quanwei, the Dragon and Lion Dance team, Taiji Softball team and Wushu team of Beijing Sport University Art Troupe participated in the festival.
Mr. Cai Wu, Minister of the Ministry of Culture of China, and ambassador Li Chengwen attended the festival and dotted the South Lion in the opening ceremony together, and appreciated the outstanding performances afterwards.
Mr. Cai spoke highly of the performances and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the delegation of Beijing Sport University. The troupe not only displays the charm of Chinese Wushu; as cultural messengers, they also transmit China’s glorious traditional culture to nations worldwide.

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