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Art Troupe of BSU

Introduction to the Art Troupe of BSU

Founded in November 2005, Beijing Sport University's Art Troupe is capable of  presenting a variety of performances ranging from traditional Chinese sport items,  for example, Dragon and Lion Dance, martial arts, folk dances, TaiJi softball and aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics; to Contemporary Arts, including modern dance, dance sport, hip-pop dance, fashion show, modern drama and choral performance etc.

BSU's Art Troupe has participated in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, as well as the celebration activities for the 60th anniversary of People’s Republic of China.
We also had the privilege of accompanying the previous State and Party leaders Premier Wen Jiabao, then acting Vice President Xi Jinping (current president) and State Councilor Liu Yandong(current vice premier) to visit foreign countries. The Art Troupe had performed in Italy, Russia and a few African countries, as well as hosting performances, textbook exhibitions and cultural lecture tours in the Confucius Institutes in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, and Iceland.   

We traveled domestically to the Party's Old Revolutionary Base Areas in Xinjiang, Tibet, Yan’an and Xinzhou, as well as the construction site of Olympic Venues to perform expressing our gratitude and appreciation.

Our Art Troupe has been widely acknowledged with our magnificent performances on many significant occasions, for instance, the Opening Ceremonies of the 14th World Mass Sports Congress in the presence of Mr. Jacques Rogge, and Mr. Liuqi, the 2012 National University Campus Art performance, featuring “May Blossom – Follow the Party’s Lead”, the “Fluttering Five-Starred Red Flag” art performance of the 90th Anniversary of the Party held by the State Organs, and the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Show, and had won awards at many college art performances. At the Beijing Youth Art Festival in November of 2012, our performance, “Flower of the Desert” and “Tsu Chu Dance”, on behalf of the Mission Municipal, had won the Gold and Bronze Medals of Adult Group respectively.

Art Troupe of Beijing Sport University is a window to publicize Chinese Sport Culture.  Carrying out BSU's educational philosophy and mission to enhancing national health and sport spirit, as well as leading civilization development with scientific truth, we make our best efforts to provide a platform of talent training and field practice, and, at the same time, creating a brand for students’ volunteering social activities.

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